Hand lettering and calligraphy lends itself perfectly to logos and identities. Below are some examples.

Yum - Raw Organic Chocolate

Natalie, founder of Yum, recently quit her job in the city and travelled to Thailand where she trained to become a yoga instructor. Whilst out there, she discovered and fell in love with raw chocolate and decided to set up a new business back at home in the UK.... Yum. She asked me to create a logo & stamp for her chocolate bars. We explored different styles of calligraphy, but after a few tests using a brush, the heavier lettering just felt right. I am looking forward to doing some, (a lot) of sampling in the near future! 

Laura Glendenning

Laura Glendenning recently started a private household recruitment agency and she asked me to create the identity for her business.

Gather & Bloom

Gather & Bloom is a floral design company based in Surrey. Caroline came to me with a simple brief.

An alternative option I created for Gather & Bloom

An alternative option I created for Gather & Bloom