Too much type?

I'm starting to get our home sorted for the impending arrival of our little lady and that has involved the task of finally getting round to framing some of the ever growing pile of letterpress prints and screenprints which I have unconsciously collected over the years. I have noticed that there seems to be a LOT of typographic pieces and I thought I'd share my favourites, including:

- a lasercut print that Marian Bantjes gave me when I visited her Bowen Island home, several years ago, (reminder to self to get NON reflective glass next time!)

- a striking, typographic screenprint by my old boss/genius Paul Belford, (currently residing in our fireplace knook - the picture, not Paul!)

- a letterpress print (which still needs a frame!) reminding me to drink more gin, which I picked up after a doing a workshop at A Two Pipe Problem.

- and a random letterpress print that I found which was covered up by another picture when I bought a frame at a carboot sale in Norfolk. I ended up chucking the frame and keeping this gem!

What are your favourite pieces of art that you have in your home?